How To Disable, Turn Off, Stop Avast Antivirus


Anti-virus software might be the reasons you can’t install this program effectively, for example motorists, video programs, and many other important applications. They might not recognize the program. From time to time you might have to switch off your Avast Anti-virus, or simply pause a couple of of his shields. Actually because you need to install another party security software for example firewalls, or because Avast blocking your preferred website or application. You are able to adopt these measures to disable it temporarily.

Disable/Turn Off Avast Completely (All Shields)

Turning off all Avast shields essentially means completely switching off the entire Avast Anti-virus active protection. So ensure you understand what you’are doing, although it’s really fairly simple.

  1. Discover Avast icon in the right corner of the Windows taskbar and right-click the Avast icon, then select Avast Shield Control, then select one of the options that you want.
  2. After choosing one of the options Avast Shield Control, then the next will appear as shown below and if you are confident with your choice select YES otherwise select NO.
  3. If you believe and have been pressing YES then the next Avast Antivirus you have successfully Turn Off as shown below.
    But if you want to reactivate it, you simply need to click the Turn On and Avast Antivirus you will be active again.

Disable/Turn Off Avast Antivirus (Specific Shield)

Besides turning off all shields at the same time, Avast also provides a choice to temporarily switch off Or temporarily stop any sort of shield. Again, ensure you understand what and why you’re doing the work.

  1. Open Avast Antivirus you then select Settings and select Components.
  2. After that will come a few components as below. If you want to disable it you have to do is click the ON button and select one of several options that appear.
    Furthermore, there will be a notice as below, select YES if you agree, otherwise choose NO.
  3. After following the steps above, then you have deactivated the shield, back to the main menu Avast to see the changes. Then if you want to re-activate the shield, you just have to click Turn On.

So it is our discussion of articles that discuss How To Disable, Turn Off, Stop Avast Antivirus. Of the article and the steps above you can immediately put it into practice, if you do it properly it will succeed. You do not need to fear there was a problem when doing this, because if you get one you can simply disable shield reactivate the main menu Avast Antivirus. Thus the discussion this time we can share on How To Disable, Turn Off, Stop Avast Antivirus, may be useful for you, Thank you and Good luck.