How to Remove Virus Using Virus Chest avast! Free Antivirus 2017

Avast! Free Antivirus is one of the antivirus software’s that are free and very powerful. This version of antivirus is popular and specifically designed for home consumers, the only thing that a person needs to have this antivirus is to register on the Avast official website, after installing this, you will then be able to use this antivirus for a whole year and still keep repeating this process in case you want to continue using this free antivirus for free.


This Avast free antivirus software was first developed by the avast! software. One of its most used versions is 10.0.2208, and we have over 98% of most of the installations that are using this version. When the setup is launched, this program will register itself and launch on boot through its Windows Schedule Task so as to start-up automatically. A scheduled task is also added to the Windows Task Schedule so as to launch this program at its numerous scheduled times. This program is designed so as to connect with the internet, and will add a Window firewall so that it will carry out this task without being interfered with. After it has been installed, the context menu handler will be added to the Windows shell so as to give quick access to the software. Its main program that is easily executable is the AvastUI.exe .
You can use the Avast Virus Chest in removing the virus. This Avast Virus Chest is a good place where you can store potentially very harmful files since it is completely separated from other operating system. The virus inside this virus chest cannot be accessed by any other outside process, virus, or software application.
Avast Antivirus – Virus Chest
The files stored in the virus chest cannot be run. If you get to double-click on any file on the Virus chest, the file properties are the only ones that will be displayed.


After downloading the new and free edition of Avast from and installing it, an email will be sent to you containing your key to the program.


Removing virus by moving the files to the Virus Chest

You can follow the following steps to manually move the virus into the Virus Chest;

Step 1: Right click on the content table-just anywhere on the content table on Virus Chest screen and then select Add…..on the context menu.

Step 2: Locate the file that has the virus-to move it to the Virus Chest- click Open


The file will appear on the content table of the Virus Chest screen

As a default, the Avast Antivirus will automatically move the threat to the virus chest where they can be repaired- if the threat can’t be repaired or moved, it will automatically be deleted.


Scanning the files in the Virus Chest

The files stored in the virus chest can manually be scanned or re-scanned for virus by following the steps below;


Right clicking on the particular file or the selected multiple files-then select scan from the context table


After the scan is over, the results of the scan will appear.-click OK to close it.


How to delete the files infected by virus from the Virus Chest;


Any infected file that is contained in the virus chest can be deleted permanently by following the simple steps below;


Right-clicking on the infected file or the selected multiple infected files-then selecting Delete on the context menu.


Then click on the Yes button to confirm


The deleted file will then be removed from the content table of the Virus chest


If there is any suspicious file or other file that is seen as a threat, it can be moved directly from your virus chest to Avast Virus Lab for more analysis, you follow the steps below:


Right-clicking on the files and then selecting submit to virus lab option-in the context menu


The application form will appear. You can then select on the sample kind whether Potential malware or False positive, give more information on why you think the program or file was not detected, confirm submitting by ticking on the checkbox- on the I know what I’m doing icon, and then click on the submit.


There on the screen a confirmation will appear and the file will have been submitted for analysis-click OK to finish.


For the past years, Avast! Free Antivirus has been useful to millions of Window consumers in detecting and removing the viruses successfully. You need to download this free version of antivirus in order to protect your files against virus infection.