Here’s How To Recover The Anti-Theft Pin Avast Mobile Security


Recover The Anti-Theft Pin Avast Mobile Security, We made the decision to incorporate Anti-Theft like a feature to Avast Mobile Security Pro to offer you all the most crucial features for mobile protection in a single application. This task also enables us to aid ongoing growth and development of all features that exist in Avast Mobile Security.

For those who have already downloaded Anti-Theft from Google Play Store and installed it as being a standalone application, you can preserve utilizing it. All features continue to be for you totally free. However, this application doesn’t receive new updates and isn’t be accessible to download from Google Play Store any longer. We encourage you to definitely begin using new Anti-Theft feature in near feature.


Avast PIN protects applications Avast Mobile Security and Anti-Theft from being modified or disabled. When an Android device with Avast installed is stolen or lost, you may still receive details about it making use of your Avast Account or even the friend’s number occur Avast Anti-Theft settings. But without Avast PIN you cannot access Avast Anti-Thievery settings. For security reasons Avast Mobile Security doesn’t send your Avast PIN to the servers and there’s no master key.

Before you decide to attempt to reinstate your Avast PIN, make certain the PIN recovery number is to establish in Anti-Theft or the applying was combined with your Avast Account. There are two methods to change the Avast PIN for Anti-Theft:

1. Change your PIN via Google Account
2. Change your PIN via Avast Account

From the two methods above we will discuss one by one so it will be easy information for you to follow. In addition we will provide examples or steps you must do to change the Pin of your Anti-Theft. Well just go to the point of this discussion, let us refer and follow the following article:

1. Change your PIN via Google Account

For the first method are the steps that explain how to change Pin Anti-Theft through the Google Account we have, follow the following commands.

a. When you are prompted to type the current PIN, click on the menu button in the upper right corner and select Reset PIN.

b. Then you will be directed to the page to login to your Google Account. Here you enter or type in your e-mail address then click Next to confirm your e-mail address.

c. Next, then you can type the password of the e-mail you entered earlier, then select Sign in to sign in to your Google Account.

d. If Avast asks permission for online access, then select Allow to proceed.

e. Next will appear display where you change your PIN. Here you type or enter your new PIN and then re-type the PIN to confirm your changes.

If no commands you miss, then your old PIN has been changed to a new PIN. This is the step you should take to change your Anti-Theft PIN through your Google Account. Next we will discuss is the second method is to change the PIN through the Avast Account.


2. Change your PIN via Avast Account

This second method will lead you to change the Anti-Theft PIN through the Avast Account, so let’s look again at the reviews below.

a. The first step is you must go to Avast Account then select your device.

b. After you select your device, then the data and information will be displayed. Then here you select the Settings icon in the top right corner of the screen.

c. Next in the Settings menu, choose Anti-Theft.

d. Then here will appear some columns that you will fill later. Then in the Avast PIN field type your new PIN and repeat in the column below. Next select Save to confirm changes.

After the change is successful then there will be a confirmation message that appears that notice that your new PIN is configured.