How to Manage Privacy Settings On Your Avast Antivirus


Manage Privacy Settings On Your Avast Antivirus, Avast Antivirus collects anonymous data from your users to ensure that we are able to identify and respond to the most recent security threats as quickly as possible. We collect such data via Avast Anti-virus and also the Avast Online Security browser extension, and employ it to higher safeguard you and also all Avast users online threats. Although we don’t publish or share any your personal data, your participation is voluntary.

One of the advantages of Avast Antivirus that you can observe is that you can manage your privacy settings. In our discussion this time will be reviewed is How to Manage Privacy Settings On Your Avast Antivirus, here we have provided steps that you can follow in managing your privacy settings. There are two kinds in managing privacy settings, for more details let us refer to the following article:

  1. Privacy settings for Avast Antivirus
  2. Privacy settings for the Avast Online Security browser extension

Those are the two articles we will discuss and which we will share how to use and manage those privacy settings. To find out how to manage privacy settings on Avast Antivirus, let’s look at the following reviews that will discuss step by step managing those settings.

1. Privacy settings for Avast Antivirus

Or in other words I have Avast Antivirus (includes the Avast Online Security browser extension). In this privacy setting, you can set your data sharing preferences for Avast Antivirus, including the Avast Online Security browser extension, you want to know how? Follow the steps below:

  1. The first step you can directly open Avast Antivirus from your desktop, then click the Settings menu, then select General on the settings menu is open.
  2. After you make sure you are in General, then scroll down and find Privacy. Once you have clicked the arrow on the right side of the Privacy. Now you can see that there are two options you can change in this privacy setting:
    >> Participate in the Avast community: lead to generic security-related information which enables us to recognize the most recent security threats immediately.
    >> Participate in data sharing: lead to unidentifiable record data which may be distributed to organizations but always anonymously.
    To set the option you just need to check or uncheck the option.
  3. Once you are sure to change this privacy setting and to refuse the change process, now press the OK button to update your new setup preferences.

After you successfully run the step by step of the above command to change privacy settings, your privacy settings privacy settings are now updated and you can run Avast Antivirus with new privacy settings.

2. Privacy settings for the Avast Online Security browser extension

Avast privacy settings on this one is the setting for those of you who use Avast Online Security as a standalone browser extension. But if you install Avast Antivirus on your PC / Laptop you use privacy settings for Avast Antivirus in the above article. Because this privacy setting is only for Avast Online Security service users. In this setting, you can manage in the browser that you use today, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and others. But generally in managing the Privacy Settings Avast on your browser are all the same, so here we will take one of the browsers only the privacy settings Avast on Mozilla Firefox, let us follow the following steps:

  1. First open your Mozilla Firefox browser then click the Avast Online Security icon located at the top right of your browser, then at the bottom click Settings. Note the instructions below.
    Then next page Avast Online Security Settings will open.
  2. Then on the settings page that opens there are several options that you can set. For example, here you only need to check or uncheck Data Sharing, then click Save to save or apply your changes and close the page.
  3. After you successfully make changes earlier, now you can close Avast Online Security by clicking the X mark on the top right corner. And now your privacy settings on Avast Online Security have been successfully updated. Now you can run it with new settings.

For the above steps you can apply for Avast Online Security on other browsers. You do not need to be confused with the steps, because basically how to make the privacy settings on the browser are all the same, only the possible appearance will be different.