How to Locate a Missing Car Device Using Avast Anti-Theft


Locate a Missing Car Device Using Avast Anti-Theft, Avast Anti-Theft is most widely used and effective mobile tracking application. Avast Anti-Theft has numerous Advanced features: Geofencing, Lock phone, Seem siren, Deny program manager access, Deny phone setting access, Prevent USB debugging, Pressure data connection on, Low battery notifications etc, that makes it an entire phone tracking application. It’s available free for the android smartphone and could be downloaded from Google Play Store. If you have Avast Mobile Security then Anti-Theft works more well.

Thievery and loss may be the greatest threat for your tool and your computer data, since a crook has immediate access to both. Within this department, avast! comes with an impressive slate of features and controls. However, unskilled users may be afraid of the extended set-up and somewhat confusing web interface.


In an article we discussed earlier about This is How Avast Finds a Lost or Stolen Mobile Device with Anti-Theft, we will now repeat the same reviews but in different ways. Where previously we have explained and shared the steps of finding a lost mobile device using Avast Anti-Theft via Avast Account, now we will use different methods of SMS Remote Control.

SMS Remote Control is one of the options available on Anti-Theft. To use this Remote Control SMS method your device must have or install the Avast Mobile Security Pro application and also the Anti-Theft feature you must enable on two mobile devices, consisting of target devices and devices that we will use for remote control.

To run or use this Remote Control SMS method you will need a PIN Avast, which has been set during Anti-Theft activation. The problem will arise if you forget the PIN Avast you have, if it happens then you do is restore the PIN Avast, to do that follow the article below.

Once you get back the Avast PIN, we can now start working on or performing the Remote Control SMS method to find your lost mobile device or secure your data. In the Remote Control SMS method there are four commands that may be useful for you, as follows.

1. Navigate the Anti-Theft interface
2. LOST command
3. LOCATE command
4. WIPE command

Of the four orders, here we will discuss it one by one, we will provide an explanation along with the steps to execute those commands. To run the above command let’s read and follow the steps as follows:

1. Navigate the Anti-Theft interface

a. Select or open Avast Mobile Security on your device.

b. Select the option icon menu in the top left corner.

c. Then choose Anti-Theft in the options menu that appears.

d. Next type or enter your PIN code for Anti-Theft.

e. Then in the display that appears choose SMS Remote Control on the options available.

f. Then choose the command in the list of commands that appear.


2. LOST command

a. The first step choose LOST from the command list.

b. Then enter or type the phone number and PIN Avast from your target device, then select Send SMS.

c. Depending on the settings selected in the In case of theft section, the target device may get locked, sound a siren and/or restrict device settings changes. If you selected to lock the device, the possible thief will see the following screen:

Send the FOUND command or type your PIN code to disable the LOST command.


3. LOCATE command

The LOCATE command is the easiest way to find the location of your lost device.

a. Select the LOCATE command from the list of commands that appears.

b. Type or enter the phone number and PIN Avast contained on your target device, and select Send SMS.

c. When the mobile is situated, you will see the map using the mobile device’s location inside your Avast Account.

>> Go to the Info → Commands section. Click the  pinpoint icon near the command with the sent  status to view the map.

>> Your mobile phone is located in the area marked in green. Click the  table icon to open GPS coordinates, where one can take a look at mobile’s location, latitude, longitude, and information about accuracy.


4. WIPE command

The WIPE command is useful or used to delete all data on your target device and will start the factory reset.

a. Select the WIPE command in the list of available command options.

b. Enter the phone number and PIN Avast from your target device, then select Send SMS.

Then your request to delete all data on the target device will be implemented immediately and will be the default device with the factory settings.