How to Use Game Mode on Avast Antivirus


Use Game Mode on Avast Antivirus, Avast Antivirus 2017 presents a new feature that has been specially designed for game lovers or gamers. Game Mode can be a new feature in Avast Anti-virus that boosts the performance from the PC whenever you game by modifying system settings and disabling unnecessary apps from running without anyone’s understanding. Any time you manage a game, Game Mode instantly detects it and adds it to a listing of game records. When you facilitate games using this report on records, Game Mode instantly launches.

Getting plenty of programs running on your computer means you might be interrupted, when playing your selected games, by notifications or unpredicted updates that need a method reboot. Avast’s new “Game Mode” mutes notifications and pauses the update process meaning you can avoid undesirable interruptions in your action.


If you have not understood how to use or activate the Game Mode service on Avast Antivirus, we will be happy to share information for you. Here we will explain step by step how to use or use Game Mode on Avast Antivirus. To find out then you just need to follow all the commands below.

How to Active/On/Use Game Mode

  • The first step is to open Avast Antivirus on your computer and then select Performance.
  • Then after opening the Performance section, then choose Game Mode.
  • Then click Add Game to add the game you want to add here.
  • Then at this stage, you are instructed to select or add the game you want. In the first view if there is no game you are looking then click Select Game Path, then find your game and click Open.
  • Then put the name of the game earlier, and make sure you activate “Activate Game mode on launch” which marked with green, then click SAVE.

Thus, Game Mode on your Avast Antivirus has been active and every time you want to play the game then automatically Avast Antivirus will go into Game Mode.

In addition, you can set the settings in this Game Mode as you wish. You can view or adjust the settings by clicking on “gear icon” in the right corner of Game Mode menu.

In this section there are some options that you can activate or deactivate as you wish. Notice in the picture below.

Avast Antivirus will always provide comfort for you when running your computer or device. Some features of Avast will be useful for the performance of your computer, in Avast Antivirus you can adjust the settings according to what you want. From the discussion that we have reviewed above is how to use or activate Avast Game Mode, here too we will share the deadly shortcut from Avast Game Mode.

To turn off Avast Game Mode is quite simple for you to do, that is by opening Avast Antivirus > to Menu Settings > select Components > then Game mode, Click the section on the right side to turn off Game mode marked in red. Note the picture below:

So that’s how you can turn off Avast Game mode do your computer, it’s easy right? will always provide some information that will be useful and useful for you Avast Antivirus users. Therefore continue to visit our website to get information and tutorials about Avast Antivirus.