How To Easily Discover Your Mobile Phone Through Avast Anti-Theft


Easily Discover Your Mobile Phone Through Avast Anti-Theft, Is the greatest area of the Security suite, and highly sophisticated. It may lock and send notification to remote device from the phone’s new number and geo-location when there is a SIM-Card change. Application Disguiser and Stealth Mode to help make the module invisible to thieves. Remotely phone control by delivering SMS commands, their email list of possible instructions is big. They are able to lock the unit, erase content, activating a siren, to much to say. A computerized weekly check from the module can be done, the check may also be done by hand.

Avast Anti-Theft could be remotely controlled by utilizing simple SMS commands. With this, the Anti-Theft protection must be enabled inside the Anti-Theft fundamental settings. If inside the handheld remote control settings, you restricted SMS commands to buddies, SMS commands only recognized if they’re being sent from phone figures that match among the friend phone figures you specified. All SMS commands sent using their company figures is going to be overlooked.


This time our discussion remains the same as the article yesterday that we will discuss Avast Anti-Theft, where previously we have discussed about Anti-Theft is to control the device remotely using Avast Account method and SMS Remote Control method. For today we will discuss the third method that is using SMS commands method. SMS commands are instructions you could send in the cell phone. If you work with this method, the possibility crook are able to see that you are trying to seize control of the phone remotely since the message is viewed inside the folder with incoming messages.

To use SMS Commands method is the same as SMS Remote Control method that you need PIN Avast. If you remember with the PIN Avast specified during the Anti-Theft configuration then later on the process of running the SMS Commands method will be required. But usually we often get the problem that is forgotten PIN, if this happens then all you have to do is return your PIN Avast, to restore your PIN Avast then read and follow the command in this article.

After you successfully get your PIN Avast, then you can immediately run the SMS Commands method. In this article we will explain some commonly used commands contained in SMS Commands is LOST command, LOCATE command and WIPE command. These commands may be useful for finding your lost mobile device, tracking your mobile device’s presence and securing data on your device remotely.

Here are the steps you should do to run the command from SMS Commands:

1. LOST Commands

This LOST command initiates exactly the same actions like a Sim change, with respect to the protection behavior settings that you simply selected within the In situation of thievery section.

a. Create an SMS message around the friend’s cell phone. For your LOST command, it might be such as this:
1234 lost, where 1234 signifies your Avast PIN and lost may be the command.

b. With regards to the settings selected inside the In situation of thievery section, the mark device may lock, appear a siren or restrict device settings changes. In the event you selected to lock the system, the possibility crook sees the following screen:

Send the FOUND command or type the PIN code to disable this command.


2.  LOCATE command

For LOCATE commands this is an easy and fast way to search and locate the location of your lost device.

a. Create an SMS message on the friend’s mobile phone. For that LOCATE command it may be like this:
1234 locate, where 1234 signifies your Avast PIN to locate could be the command.

b. Once the mobile can be found, you will see the map when using the mobile’s location inside your Avast Account.

>> Go to the Info → Commands section. Click the pinpoint icon close to the command while using sent status to view the map.

>> Your cell phone is situated in the area marked in green. Click the table icon to open GPS coordinates, to check out mobile’s location, latitude, longitude, and understanding about precision.

You’ll be able to provide these records for the police if needed. Take note that precision varies according to signal strength so when readily stored away within choice of the Gps navigation navigation signal.


3. WIPE command

Steps on WIPE commands are commands used to secure your data on the device remotely, such as erasing data on the device or restoring the device to factory settings.

a. Create an SMS message on another device. For the WIPE command, it may be similar to this:
1234 wipe, where 1234 signifies your Avast PIN and wipe may be the command.

Then next your mobile device will reboot immediately, erase data or reset to factory settings.