How to Disable Automatic Renewal Avast Antivirus


Disable Automatic Renewal Avast Antivirus, Avast auto-renewal is really a recurring billing system that will instantly charge your charge card or PayPal account. While which are more it’s very handy as its not necessary of looking after regarding your license expiration and renewal, for other people it might be a large problem when they’re not using Avast any longer but they’re still having to pay for this.

Most users don’t know their Avast join automatic renewal. It had been merely a minor sentence ( ‘Renewal: Automatic‘) they decided to throughout the initial purchase.


You can disable the automatic renewal service using one of the following steps:

  1. Avast customer portal: if you can get the transaction confirmation email.
  2. Avast Account: in case your subscription is linked to an Avast Account.

To disable the automatic renewal service you can do it this way, and you can watch and follow the steps as follows.

1. Disable automatic renewal by using Avast customer portal.

  • The first step to start this process make sure your PC / Laptop connected to the internet. Then open the internet browser and go to the Avast customer portal in your internet browser. Or click link below.
  • If the link is already open, here you can see there is a column that contains Your order Your order ID and password. Here, you can directly enter your order ID and password and then click Find order.
    If you do not know or forgot to order ID and password, you can open the email that has been connected and open a confirmation message from If you can not find your ID and password, click Forgot your order ID.
  • After you enter an order ID and password correctly, the next you will be entered in the Order Details page. On the Order Details page, click Manage subscription to cancel auto-renewal service, pay attention to the arrows below.
  • After you click Manage Subscription, you will be entered in the Subscription Details page. Here you can change the settings to turn off auto-renewal, which by way of clicking the sign off in addition to Automatic Renewals.
  • If you click off the automatic notification will appear, here you select the Disable automatic renewal to confirm that you want to end the auto-renewal.

Once done with all these steps and change process successfully, you will receive a confirmation email informing you that auto-renewal has been dismissed.
The renewal choice is managed individually for every subscription. For those who have several Avast subscription with automatic renewal enabled, you have to repeat the steps for every subscription you need to cancel this particular service for.

2. Disable automatic renewal via your Avast Account

To turn off auto-renewal by using Avast noticed Account and follow the steps below:

  • This stage is the same as the first way that requires an internet connection, first open your internet browser and sign in to your avast or click the link below.
    And sign in using the ID and password that you have.
  • After logging in to your account, then click Your License.
    Then click Cancel Auto-renewal in the left corner.
  • Then will appear the notice and in this section you can click Deactivate Auto-Renewal Subscription to confirm that you really want to end the auto-renewal.
    Once your changes are successfully processed, then the option to Cancel Auto-renewal will not be seen again.

The renewal option is managed individually for each subscription. For individuals who’ve several Avast subscription with automatic renewal enabled, you need to repeat the steps for each subscription you have to cancel this unique repair for.