How to Change Language on Avast User Interface


Change Language on Avast, Avast is one antivirus that provides a solid free antivirus version of their software, it’s called Avast Free Antivirus. In addition there is also Avast Pro that has all the features are much more complete in comparison Avast Free Antivirus. Avast also gives you the advantage of running smoothly when running Avast on your device without any performance degradation. Avast is the most widely used antivirus software with over 200 million active users.

Like its basic antivirus, Avast also offers protection against various unknown threats, so it will make your device secure. Excellent news that Avast is a very good antivirus protection, and also Avast has the least impact on the performance of your device. So it can be concluded that Avast is one of the best free antivirus package.


Some features you can enjoy and use for the smooth performance of your device. The small thing that has become one of the features of Avast is to provide facilities for us to be able to change the language we want. Until now Avast offers several language options for free, so you only need to change it to your liking. If you are a Avast user who still does not know how and how to change or change the language in Avast Antivirus. Here we will explain and provide a review explaining how to change the language on Avast. So let’s see and follow the steps below, for more info:

Steps to Change The Language on Avast:

  1. The first step you should do is open Avast Antivirus in your device. Then on the Avast Antivirus view choose Menu Settings.
  2. Once you are in the Settings Menu, then make sure that you select or are on the General tab. Then click the install additional languages ​​in the right corner of the avast view.
    If you have installed the language of your choice, then open the drop-down list next to Language to access it.
  3. At this point you will see a dialog that displays several language options, then check the box next to the language you want to install, then click OK.
    If a notification appears for permission, click Yes to continue the process.
  4. When the language installation has finished, Then click Restart computer to immediately see the language installation change earlier, or you can click Restart later.
  5. Then to change the language to the pre-installed language option, choose your language selection from the drop-down list to the right of Language. Click OK to confirm or to save your language changes.

After you follow some of the above commands, then now the language on your Avast will change according to the choice of language you want. But if after you change the language and there is no language change in avast, then restart your computer again.