Increase Windows security by Tweaking Avast Antivirus Settings


Avast Free Anti-virus is a superb, must-have security tool for Microsoft Home windows, however it has its own quirks. Here’s phone most significant Avast Free Anti-virus settings you have to change now.

Avast has lately released version 17 (also known as 2017) of the Anti-virus, therefore the screenshots happen to be updated. In case your device comes with an older form of Avast Free Anti-virus installed, it’s time to update: right-click or touch and hold Avast icon in System Tray (Taskbar’s Notification area), expand Update and select Program.


First, if you’ve used Avast on one computer for 4 years or maybe more, otherwise you experience difficulties with it, you may have to revert its settings towards the defaults. This will make Avast better at automation (for example, the Fix Instantly action wasn’t available a few versions back) and solve upgrade-related problems.
Skip the next section if you’ve used Avast for just two years or fewer and when it really works great.

To reset Avast, open its primary window / interface and click on Settings at the base left. Being an existing image below.

After effectively open, the next thing is to spread out the Troubleshooting tab in the left and expand the section Restore factory defaults. Make certain that both program settings and Shield settings check boxes are ticked striking the reset button now.

Not surprisingly, Avast will confirm this course of action and it’ll need a computer restart. Following the reboot, continue this tutorial.

  • You have to alter the general settings in Avast Free Anti-virus as: PUP checking, voice, password protection, Smart Scan and privacy

To alter Avast settings, open its primary window and click on the cogwheel icon on top right.

The Avast Settings window opens. Within the General tab, switch on the Scan for that potentially undesirable programs (PUPs) option. This can ward off most junkware provided by many program installers.

If you are unhappy with the number of pop-up provides the free form of Avast displays, also tick the following check box – Silent Mode. This vastly improves consumer experience for individuals who enjoy the work they do uninterrupted.

In addition, scroll lower a little and expand the Sounds section. Switching off the notification sounds is again for Reviews individuals who don’t like (loud) interruptions: Avast obvious the Enable sounds check box.


Scroll lower again and expand the Password section. It is really an essential Avast Anti-virus setting you need to change: password protection does not allow others (people or malware and spy ware) to change program settings to be able to disable anti-virus and anti-malware and spy ware modules without any correct passphrase. This vastly improves your device’s protection level.

Tick the Safeguard Avast getting your password check box and finish both Password fields. Be sure that you pick a great, unique password: don’t reuse your house home windows password, debit or charge card PIN or other things important.

Next, expand the Smart Scan section. Listed here are all modules used throughout a Smart Scan – you are able to turn these off and back on (for instance, if you don’t need checking for outdated software). Remember, place Avast Free Anti-virus dieting by uninstalling the modules you don’t want.

Automatically, Smart Scan doesn’t remove infected products. To alter this, click on the Personalize link.

Within the Avast Scan Settings window, open those things tab in the left.Tick the Instantly apply actions during scan check box and select the Fix instantly action in the dropdown in most an eye on the best: Virus, PUP and Suspicious.

Within the Options section, pick the Attempt to remove just the packed file whether it fails, take away the whole that contains archive option: this can prevent from opening infected files from password-protected archives. Click Alright to close scan settings.

During the Avast Settings window, scroll completely towards the bottom and expand the Privacy section. The information that Avast transmits regarding your program usage and detected products is anonymous, but individuals requiring greatest security should obvious both Have fun playing the Avast community and also the Take part in data discussing check boxes.Remaining private does mean not connecting your device together with your Avast account for those who have one.

  • Components settings in Avast Free Anti-virus you have to change

Open the constituents tab in the left. Here you are able to turn different shields/components off and on, and personalize a few of their settings.Don’t forget that you could put Avast Free Anti-virus dieting by uninstalling unneeded components.

We begin by tweaking Avast File System Shield first: click its Personalize link.

Open individuals things tab within the left. Inside the Options section, select the Make an effort to remove only the packed file whether or not this fails, get rid of the whole which contains archive option: this could prevent from opening infected files from password-protected archives.

Click Okay to shut the File System Shield Settings window.

Repeat the above mentioned pointed out for Mail Shield settings.

If your device has multiple user accounts with at least one of these being a standard (not an administrator) one and you use Avast’s Software Updater, you should disable notifications for standard users who have no rights to update software.To do this, click the Customize link for Software Updater and tick the Allow update of system-wide products for administrators only check box. Click OK.

Now that’s some way to adjust the settings of Avast AntiVirus to be smarter and better than ever. Thus the tips of us may always be useful for you and good luck.