How To Use Avast! SafePrice & Review


avast! SafePrice is Created for shoppers who wish to make certain they’re obtaining the best prices, avast! SafePrice pulls the very best deals and coupons from trustworthy sites without causing you to leave your preferred shopping sites. The thing is the very best deals and coupons inside a new browser bar that’s invisible when you are not shopping.

Along with the recent program update 9..2016, AVAST also updated the Free Chrome plugin avast! Internet Security. The most recent update added a totally new feature known as avast! SafePrice (Safe shopping extension )


which instantly finds a finest deal for that products you’re browsing. Here is the instance obtained from the Amazon store.

Avast SafePrice in Action – Intel 7th Gen for $237

Essentially you want to your favourite online shop and visit some specific product. avast! SafePrice search another online stores (including eBay) without anyone’s knowledge and when the low cost is located, you’re going to get the pop-up ‘Lower prices found!’ with all of details. Within the orange tab you’re going to get the best offer, as the other medication is indexed by the offers tab.

avast! Online Security Plugin Download

You can download avst! SafePrice as your browser addon/plugins, simply get it form:

How To Disable avast! SafePrice PopUp

In case you uncover this feature somewhat obtrusive, you can disable avast! SafePrice for 24 Hours for site that you are currently open or for all sites by click gear icon and select the options.

Disable Avast SafePrice for 24 hours

If you want to disable avast! SafePrice forever on all sites, you can follow this step

Step 1:  Click on the Google Chrome More Icon  and then click More Tools Menu and then click Extension



Step 1 – Permanent Disable Avast SavePrice via Google Chrome

If you are using Firefox you can Click on menu button  and then click Addon button

Step 1 – Permanent Disable Avast SavePrice via Firefox


Step 2 : On the Addon / Extension page you can find the icon of avast! SafePrice.

  • In Google Chrome you can Uncheck Enable options for permanent disable the avast! SafePrice.
  • In Firefox you can click disable button

You can also delete/ remove it by click trash button (in google chrome) or remove button (in firefox).